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We closely select and use only high-quality freshwater pearls to deliver our vision of beauty and elegance to our clients worldwide.

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Women, Pearls and Roses

Since I was a student I have loved the most beautiful and incredible marine creation – with such humble origins – the pearl.  Since then I have always enjoyed to design, compose and produce jewels with fine natural pearls. 

Wearing pearls will give you elegance and finesse that reflects natural beauty. All women are like flowers and when they wear pearls – these womens will become roses so … BEROSE !

Pearls in History

Cleopatra reportedly dissolved a single pearl in a glass of wine and drank it, simply to win a wager with Mark Antony that she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in just one meal.

In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing.

The Greeks held the pearl in high esteem for both its unrivaled beauty and its association with love and marriage.

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Celebrity Quotes

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” – Coco Chanel

“I favor pearls on screen and in my private life.” – Grace Kelly

“Pearls are always appropriate.” – Jackie Kennedy

“I feel undressed if I don’t have my pearls on. My pearls are my security blanket.” – Lady Sarah Churchill

“When I’m cold I just put another rope of pearls on.” – Dorothy Parker

“Why wear one string when you can wear two?” – Coco Chanel

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel
Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel
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Freshwater pearls are pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels. These pearls are produced in Japan and the United States on a limited scale, but are now almost exclusively produced in China.
The Chinese had been cultivating Freshwater mabé pearls for hundreds of years. They learned early on how to implant a metal form or mold against the inner shell of the mussel and submerge it in the water for a few years while the mollusk coated the form with layers of nacre. The result would be a pearlescent figure coated with thick layers of nacre.
As the decades have passed however, Chinese cultivation technology has rapidly improved. Freshwater pearls are available in a variety of natural colors such as pink, peach, lavender, white and shades in between.

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Freshwater pearls are real pearls, grown in freshwater, produced by an oyster or mollusk, but with human assistance. They form when an irritant is inserted into an oyster shell. Once the irritant is there, layers of nacre form over the irritant to create the pearl. The process of culturing pearls is monitored by a pearl farmer—helping to keep the animal alive and allowing for high-quality pearls to form. While culturing pearls is different from the formation of natural pearls, both kinds are real gemstones.
Both natural and cultured pearls are formed when an irritant enters the mollusk or oyster, causing it to respond to the irritant. The difference is that when cultivating pearls, the irritant is purposely placed inside the oyster through human intervention.

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Silky, touchable and radiant, fine AAA and Gem Quality Freshwater pearls can look just as beautiful as any saltwater pearl. Due to the fact that cultured freshwater pearls are created in controlled environments, the survival rates of the oysters are much higher. This allows pearl farmers to produce high-quality, authentic pearls at higher rates than what can be obtained by oyster divers.

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Freshwater pearls range in size from as small as 5mm to as large as 13mm. Pearls below 7mm in size are considered to be on the smaller side, while 7-8mm and 8-9mm are among the more popular sizes selected for necklaces in Freshwater pearls. Anything sized from 9-10mm and above is considered to be above average in size, and such pearls are more rare and valuable.

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After every wear, wipe your pearls with a soft cloth. This will help prevent any buildup of oils or other substances that may have come in contact with your jewelry throughout the day.
Clean with a damp cloth only as needed. If your pearls are visibly stained, you can mix a solution of lukewarm water and mild dish soap, dip a soft cleaning cloth in it and wipe the pearls. Do NOT submerge a pearl necklace in water, as it will weaken the silk thread. Pearls should be the final touch to your outfit. Avoid applying makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume once your pearls are on.

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