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SET PRINCESS 2021 – a Royal Style. Period.

Necklace PRINCESS – freshwater pearls with 18k Gold Plated and Shell Pearl as a pendant 

          • Handmade in France
          • Type Necklace Freshwater Pearl
          • Style Freshwater Natural Pearls Necklace with Pendant Shell Pearls
          • Length 14.5inch/37cm
          • Size of Pearls 7-8mm
          • Size of Shell Pearl 20mm
          • Shape Rice and Round
          • Luster Clean and Shinny
          • Nacre Thick
  • Earrings PRINCES – Freshwater Pearl with Silver Plated Gold 18k
          • Handmade in France
          • Type Earring Freshwater Pearl
          • Style Pearl and chain
          • Length 3inch/8cm
          • Size of Pearl 7-8mm
          • Shape Rice
          • Luster Clean and Shinny
          • Nacre Thick
  •  Bracelet PRINCES – Natural Pearls Freshwater with Shell Pearl in between and 18k Gold plates clasps
          • Handmade in France
          • Type Bracelet Pearls
          • Style Pearls and Shell Pearl
          • Diameter 7.5inch/19cm
          • Size of Pearls 7-8mm +16 (shell)
          • Shape Rice and Round
          • Luster Clean and Shinny
          • Nacre Thick


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